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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and Raven Software and published by Activision. /BlackOpsColdWar is a developer-recognized community focused on the title.

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2020.10.25 09:09 VaticanSectionXIV Any SND-esque no-respawns game mode that's just as good?

My favourite mode is SND because the stakes are much higher when you can't respawn so it forces you to be more tactical to secure the objective. In most COD games there is another mode that is similar to SND but never came close to its playability. Most recent examples include cyber attack in MW and VIP escort in the new COD Cold War. I personally want another no-respawns game mode in CODM but I'm not sure which ones are good contenders. Any thoughts?
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2020.10.25 08:20 definitelyanalt16 【Datamined/Spoiler Warning】Full speculation on Season 3 and Season 4 story with TD2 Year 3 Prediction

Hi all, if anyone still remember the previous datamined post ( I talked about S3, S4 and The Summit 4 months ago, yeah I'm back, and this time I'm going to have my full speculation on S3 and S4. During TU11 PTS Massive finished and put in all manhunt and manhunt mission audios (including collectibles and mission conversations). After listening all of them, I'm going to sum up the future stories, and put in some of my speculations to finish the big picture. Then I'm going to guess what's coming after S4 ends in 2021. If you haven't read my last post but you want to continue reading this post, I highly recommend you check out my last post. Now without further ado, sit tight agents, we're in for a ride, a ride with shady organization behind the curtain and their mysterious and fearsome warriors.
Oh and of course, don't read any further if you don't care about TD2's story or you want to avoid spoilers, this is your last warning.
So, where do we begin. Alright, let's start with our manhunt rogue agents. By now you guys should at least know who they are, or know their faces. Marley Yarrow the Rikers Agent, callsign Shade; Sueko Tanagi the Hyena Agent, callsign Wraith; Linette Edwards the True Sons Agent, callsign Dusk and Skyler Williams the Crazy Mofo Outcasts Agent, callsign Belfry. They all had different agendas when they gone rogue, but Faye found a way to contact and recruited them for Bar to disrupt SHD and JTF operations to give Black Tusk the upper hand over the Division. Before we get to the real business, I'm going to sum up their bio so you can have a basic understanding of why they've gone rogue.
Yarrow went rogue because she was a parole officer before recruited by SHD, and she saw the inmates in Rikers Island were mistreated, and just like Dragov she felt empathy for those inmates and went rogue, proceeded working with Dragov. She was close with Faye before went rogue and Faye led her to Black Tusk after Dragov's demise.
Now for Tanagi, she's in a different league. She was running logistics in US Army, after that she worked in a international shipping company as logistics officer, and recruited by SHD in the process. Activated when global economy collapsed, tasked to assist CERA with supply lines. Then she was contacted by Black Tusk. Yep, she's been working with Black Tusk for a while, not a recent recruit, she took the golden opportunity so she gets to keep two big competitors' supplies in her grasp, US government and the company supplies Black Tusk behind the curtain. And due to her connection with the Hyenas, it's pretty safe to say the gears and weapons Hyenas got were definitely passed through her hands, and that's the reason why she got Hyenas to back her up. Also her voice is super annoying, I'm glad she ended dead on my hands.
Ms.Edwards, she was born in a military family, third-generation USMC, with the recommendation from her father, SHD recruited her as an agent. After activated in DC, she came to the conclusion that the Division is corrupted, and the True Sons are the way to go, so she instantly flipped side. Later contacted by Bardon, and agreed to work with him and the Black Tusk.
And lastly, Williams (what's up with the Williams in this game, Major Williams from Iron Horse was a crazy ass Mofo as well) the crazy Mofo decided to side with the Outcasts. He was born and grew up in Maryland, enlisted and recruited by SHD. Before activation he was a police officer, after activation he was stationed in the CERA camp inside DZ South, and he saw how DC-62 destroyed people's life, broke families and went rogue after all the tragedies he had witnessed. Eventually got contacted by the Black Tusk and decided to work with them.
Now we're done with those rogues, time to talk about Bar and Nat (Natalya Sokolova). Right now we have an audio communication between her and Bar during the Shade's manhunt, Nat told Bar to "fix the problem". Her identity will be revealed in S4, but I'm going to spoil a bit here. She's the (or one of the founders) founder of Black Tusk, she founded Black Tusk six years ago. There's little bit more but I'm saving them for S4 part, so that's it for now. So about the audio comm, Bar said he's not sure about "this op" which is pretty vague, but I can assume the op he's referring to is recruiting rogues and using them to disrupt SHD operations. Nat says this op is the chance for Faye to prove her and her agents' worthiness, but Bar thinks those agents are a liability, so Nat tells Bar if they are the problem, fix it, she doesn't tolerate failure. Now let's keep this communication in mind, cus we're going to explain it with other details during my S3 story speculation part, before that let's get to Bar's manhunt mission first. Coney Island Amusement Park Manhunt. So the background for this mission is Bar's four rogue agents are out of service, and he needs to meet with Faye to talk about the future plans, so he chose this location since it's "somewhere remote and secure". But SHD manages to spot him with scout drone, so Kelso sends us to take Black Tusk's top dog down for good. And here's where the fun begin.
By now most of you should notice something weird during the manhunt bounties, a mysterious Hunter showed up and he's murdering Rikers and Hyenas left and right before he vanishes in the mist before our eyes. He's equipped with Firestarter Chem Launcher, and...... a Shrapnel Trap? Yep, this is the Hunter I mentioned in my previous post. First let me recap what I said 4 months ago, at that moment I thought he will show up only in Wraith, Dusk and Belfry's manhunt, because Kelso only comments his presence after their manhunt, not in Shade's. But when season 3 drops, we found out he's inside Shade's manhunt as well. So he's active since start of the season, and Shrapnel Trap confirms he's the only Hunter showing up during S3. During Coney Island manhunt, Kelso confirms the Hunter is the one from our previous encounters when she spots him, and we found a Hunter's Shrapnel trap during the mission, it's pretty clear he created this little gimmick for him. So yeah, for those agents who managed to kill him for the Ridgeway's Pride project, kudos to you but he won't actually die until we get to Coney Island.
Alright let's continue, during the manhunt mission, we get to know who the Hunter really works for. It turns out the Hunter is under Bar's command, and it seems Natalya gave (or ordered the Hunter to work for Bar) the Hunter to Bar. So why the Hunter attacked those rogue agents? Alright guys, it's speculation time, get ready for some crazy talking, cus it'll be wild. And before we get into this, the speculation will have some info from S4, if you are confused I again recommend you check out my previous post. Now guys, let's get started.
S3 Story Speculation
So first, we know in S4 Faye's true agenda is killing Ellis (she had her reason, a logical one, the ultimate sacrifice), and she's been faking the entire time so she can get close to him and carry out the hit, truly a knife to the heart. So what's up with the Hunter attacking Bar's rogue agents? My guess is this is Bar's "fix" for the problematic rogue recruits, he ordered the Hunter to hunt down and kill those rogue agents. Why? Throughout the manhunt we will collect the comms relate to those agents, and we can actually see they aren't sharing the same big picture as Bar does. When Shade received the care package from Bar, she said she'll cause mayhem and destabilize the status quo, and Bar said that's not his goal, when Bar said he wants to be on the right side, you can hear the mocking laughs from Shade. And for Wraith, she treated Bar like a errand boy for supplies, in her comms you can see she's pushing Bar's limits as far as she can. And Belfry, well what do you expect from someone chose the Outcasts. They are "terrorists dabbed in biological warfare". However Dusk is quite the stable one among them, since she had a strong military background, and True Sons are somewhat better than Rikers, Hyenas and Outcasts, but we know they are just lowkey Black Tusks who wants control over US as well, so in the end all four rogue agents aren't the best candidates for Bar, and Faye recommended them to Bar. In later comms Bar asks how well does she actually know about these rogues, are they going to put all of their resources on those agents? I think Bar might actually be on to her, he's suspecting her loyalty to the Black Tusk. The meeting he held in Coney Island was just a death trap for Faye to step in, if she doesn't tread lightly, she might get killed. Because on Coney Island, not only Bar and his Hunter are there, but also a group of four Elite BTSU Operatives as his reinforcement, I'd say this is more than just excessive precaution, he himself is a badass spec ops operator, let alone the position of BTSU leader. Why would he needs four BTSU operatives if he thinks this meeting place is "remote and secure"? (Well, the Rikers are on the Island, but they are there to enjoy their lives, not harming anyone, too bad the Hunter slaughtered them like animals, the dying screams from those poor bastards are really some nightmare fuels). With a Hunter, four BTSU Operatives and himself, I don't think this is a meeting for Faye, this is where she dies if she makes any mistake. But he didn't get Faye to the meeting, instead of Faye, we crashed the party, killed the Hunter and his four Operatives, then dealt with him. To sum it all up, in my speculation, in S3 Bar basically sets four rogue agents up and kill them for damage control. Sometime after he got introduced to them by Faye, he realized how unstable and dangerous they were, and talked to Natalya about this whole thing, gets the green light on house cleaning with a Hunter to assist him, because that won't raise any suspicions, since no one knows the Hunter is with the Black Tusk. He then tries to gain the trust from those rogues, and hunt them down with the Hunter. In the audio comms, Dusk and Shade tried to meet with him, this would be Bar's way of gaining their location then hunting them down with the Hunter. Wraith and Belfry however didn't get a meet, but with supply drops they are getting, it's safe to say Bar can track and hunt them down as well. Belfry doesn't even get supplies until he talked to the rest three rogue agents, that could possibly mean Bar just waiting for him to get killed, or Bar's busy at killing other rogue agents, only to find out Belfry is still alive, and lure him to the Hunter. But during all those bounties, we show up and do the job before the Hunter can do so. Something worth mentioning is Kelso's comments on the Hunter aren't playing in the game, but they do exist in the files, I don't know why she never says them though, and after Belfry's bounty, she'll say the Hunter seems going after Belfry, this reinforce the idea of Bar is cleaning up the mess Faye created for him. Also canonically we (the Sheriff and Kelso) don't know about these shenanigans, we have zero idea what is happening during S3, that's why S3 is called Concealed Agenda. During the manhunt mission, Kelso originally thought the Hunter is after Bar just like Belfry, but we eventually find out he's with Bar, and a mysterious woman called Natalya Sokolova is acting as Bar's superior. Anyway in the end Bar got himself out of the equation, and Faye gets to complete her grand scheme in S4 which we're going to talk about next.
Now before we get to S4, there's something minor in S3 I want to talk about. Remember I said four BTSU in Coney Island Manhunt? Yeah, that makes Coney Island Manhunt the mission with the most boss in the game, the Hunter + 4 BTSU and Bar himself, that's 6 boss in total, if you don't count the secret boss in Manning National Zoo, then Coney Island will be the mission with the most boss, and since Coney Island Amusement Park is a pretty fast pace mission, that makes the manhunt version a really good farming mission, so there's that. And one other thing is, the Hunter finally "speaks" during the mission, he doesn't actually speak any words, but he roars and groans, when he got fatally wounded he will scream, the sound of that however is pretty messed up as well, which makes me wonder what are they behind that mask, they are quite inhuman to me, are they really human any more? Are they the Winter Soldiers of the Sokolov Family? Last but not least, do you all still remember the one-time comms we were receiving during S1 and S2? When we were leveling up, we can heard four different transmissions, in S1 was Jupiter's communications with her cell, and in S2 was Hornet and Keener's final discussion before Hornet headed to DC to fulfill Keener's Legacy. But this one-time comm is missing in S3, and this is not a glitch like Kelso's comments on the Hunter's presence during Manhunt Bounties not playing, S3 one-time leveling comms are not existing in the files. This reinforces the idea of Bar is cleaning house, even though these rogue agents are his cell, but he doesn't give them orders to operate, guess he's too busy with tying up the loose ends.
Alright, you know the drill, let's start with four rogue agents' identity first. They may seem regular rogue agents to you, but two of them are more than you can imagine. First up, Bridges Douglas, callgisn Viper, aka Charles Douglas' daughter; Felix Sokolov, callsign Kestrel (which is the same with the Black Tusk Strike Team in the Invaded GWH, just a coincidence I guess), the only son of Alexei Sokolov. Magnus, real name Dustin Xavier and our old friend since WONY, Alica Coswald, now called Circe. They form the rogue cell in S4, under Faye Lau's command. She resurfaced with her cell with unknown objectives, but not just to us, same to Black Tusk and her cell as well. But before I share her true intentions, let's know more about those rogue agents shall we?
Viper, also known as Bridges Douglas. Does that last name seem familiar to you? Yep, she's the daughter of Charles Douglas, the in game brand D&H's co-founder. Ms. Bridges grew up in a peace and quiet manor in Scotland, served in the SAS for eight years after graduating from university, then worked in D&H as a logistic officer. When Green Poison popped out in NYC, she was contacted and recruited by the Black Tusk, although Charles tried to persuade her otherwise, but she didn't listen. So there's something weird here right? Nothing and no one says she's a SHD agent. That's right, her agent status was never activated. She was indeed a recruited SHD agent, but she was never activated, she was contacted and recruited by Black Tusk before her activation, and she never brought this up before, not until Faye asks her about this when Faye meets her.
Here comes the most juicy part, Felix "Kestrel" Sokolov, the only son of the Russian Businessman Alexei Sokolov. Alexei was probably the CEO or something like that in Sokolov Concern, this is Sokolov's family business. Alexei moved to the United States with Felix and his American wife, and left Natalya Sokolova the big sister in Russia to take care the family business. In US, Alexei forced Felix to enlist in the US Navy, during Felix's service Alexei passed away, and Felix's American mother was accused for the murder. During this hard time, Natalya moved from Russia to US to take care of the mess and her little brother although they had different mothers, this was six years ago (in game time), the same time when Nat started Black Tusk. After his service, Nat helped Felix to study Medicine in John Hopkins. He recruited by SHD sometime during his study (probably) with some family connections, and activated when Green Poison started to spread. When he was in danger, Nat dispatched Black Tusk to save and retrieve him, after that Felix works with his big sis and the Black Tusk.
Dustin Xavier, aka Magnus, recruited by SHD after his second tour in Afghanistan, also received the Medal of Honor because of his courageous actions when his unit was ambushed with IED. After activating in DC, he started to question his mission, he discovered the resources and gears distributed to SHD agents were enough for them to face the crisis. Later he got contacted by Bardon, Dustin found his ideology aligned with Bar's and decided to join the Black Tusk.
Alica Coswald, chooses "Circe" as the callsign to forget the old life she used to live. Recruited by SHD when she started her study in university at 23 thanks to G.I. Bill after she finished her service. Got herself a first job of teaching English in a high school after her recent graduation just before the Green Poison outbreak. She turned to Black Tusk when she realized the hopeless situation was beyond her power, rumor has it she turned Faye to rogue when Faye was interrogating her.
Now we know about them, it's time to talk about the S4 manhunt mission, Camp White Oak Manhunt: Faye Lau. After we take care of four sub-targets, we learn that Faye is meeting Ellis at Camp White Oak (serious, how on earth would Ellis pick this location again, he almost got caught last time and if it wasn't for my man Galveston he'd already in prison). Kelso dispatches us to crash the party, while Ellis is still POTUS, we're not authorized to take him down whatsoever, on the other hand neutralizing Faye is cleared for us. Upon arriving Camp White Oak, Faye just landed as well and is on her way to meet Ellis, Ellis is sitting in the Wooden Cabin (with two big slide door with glasses) waiting for her with his bodyguard named Wilson. While we fight our way to the Wooden Cabin, Faye meets Ellis, when we reach the outer parameter of the Wooden Cabin, Wilson orders Faye to protect Ellis and leaves the Cabin to fight us, and after we taking care of him, the real game begins, the following event will change the storytelling for either Y3 of TD2, or a distant TD3.
Before we enter the room, Faye says "It's over, Ellis is dead, you don't have to do this, you can let me go." and we rush in the room, find a body is lying on the ground, upon scanning ISAC confirms it's the current POTUS Andrew Ellis, life sign zero, status: deceased. Kelso thinks Faye "fucking lost it” and we have to neutralize her. Then Faye patches into Camp White Oak's broadcast system and uses the megaphone speakers to frame us for killing the president, and she's on her way to bail out via the chopper she landed in the Holly Lodge. Finally we catch up with her and the final showdown begins. Her chopper ran into some kind of electrical issue preventing it from warming up and taking off. Faye has to buy her and the chopper crew some time so she jumps in and fight with us. According to the audio we have to "recause" the issue couple times to prevent the chopper from starting up, or Faye will get away. During her fight, she explains she did the hard choice, what had to be done, what she, and we needed to do, She maintained our mission. But the ending of this mission is quite ambiguous, there's no ISAC confirming "Rogue Agent deceased" line, or "Target neutralized", and from Kelso's mission end audio we can't really confirm we either killed her off, or she got away. My current guess is they are making a separate cutscene for the end of this mission, but this still doesn't explain why they already recorded and put in every single other lines in the files but missed this. Maybe it's intentional to prevent dataminer from getting that information. Also we do not get any ISAC line saying "Rogue SHD skill acquired", but we do get a confirmation from Massive saying we will have a new skill in S4, and at the start of the mission Kelso says Paul and Coop cooked up something special for us, my guess is we'll get that last skill at the beginning of the mission, our two Quartermasters make us a new toy. Now with the mission outta the way, it's story speculating time.
S4 Story Speculation
During S4 we (means Kelso, Sheriff and other SHD Agents) don't know what Faye is up to, we just know she resurfaced with her team, and there has to be a plan, so we need to stop them before they execute their plan. But in fact, Faye's team doesn't know the plan as well, Felix even speculated Faye is here to take Kelso. Bridges got tasked with preparing chemicals, Felix was ordered to escort an VIP and Magnus was planning a infiltrate and exfil route for the team, but none of them knows who's the target and what are they doing in DC. While Alica was asked to gather info on Chickenhawk, but other three doesn't actually know that, and Alica never told them, it's pretty safe to assume Faye's really plan here is getting some big shot rogue agents recruited by Black Tusk and take them to DC for us to take care of, and faking her actions to make Nat think she's indeed working for them after Bar's tragic death at the Coney Island, she even picked Felix, her little brother for her operation. But some time after they landed in DC, Ellis called Faye to meet him (because Faye actually wanted to meet him, and they had a phone call, with Ellis saying he can arrange their meeting), so she ordered her team to stand down, and this gave us the opportunity to take out four sub-targets, and gaining the info on Faye so we can crash the meeting. But here comes the major problem, why she went rogue, and why she wanted to kill Ellis as this is the grand scheme she prepared so long for. Agents, it's time we listen to her confession to Roy and Paul.
There are two audio comms contains only Faye's confession, one is to Roy Benitez and another one is to Paul Rhodes. In her confession we finally understand she's indeed a patriot, and she was never against us, going rogue was her plan to infiltrate Black Tusk, and that was the first step for her to complete her grand scheme. In the confession to Roy, she said we were losing. We lost the trust from the people we were supposed to protect, and without their trust, we have nothing, it doesn't matter how many good or bad things we do, people won't believe we will get the job done, and with Bar and Ellis, we lost the legitimacy, we lost the ability to say we're still on mission, only ISAC still thinks we are on mission. If she wanted to fix this mess up, she needed an access, and the only way was to join them. She's truly sorry for breaking Roy's trust like that, she couldn't tell Roy about her plan, or Roy would stop her and she wouldn't go rogue and join the Black Tusk and eventually kill Ellis. In her confession to Paul, she understands her conflict with him, she understand why they can't be friends, because they were too similar, they both lost loved one, and both were guarded people. She hoped Paul would understand her, maybe not agree with her plan, but at least he would understand why she gone through this. She's not sorry for the situations went down like that, but she's sorry for not telling him her plan.
Now we know Faye's true intention behind the curtain, she's still a good agent. Just like the trailer for WONY says "her methods aren't conventional, but we're in a race against the clock, and Lau knows what it takes to get results quickly." She truly takes her training and her loyalty to the end, and she enforces the motto of the Division to her heart, "Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia", Extreme Evil, Extreme Remedy, or Desperate times call for desperate measures. Her actions were indeed desperate, one misstep could lead her to her demise, with her friends still thinking she's a traitor, but the time for us was too short as well, we need to act fast to counter Black Tusk, she did the ultimate sacrifice, like the phoenix, she burns to make sure the rest of us will reborn, and take back this country from all evil doer, domestic and aboard. No matter you live or die in the end, I salute to you Agent Faye Lau.
Before we get to Y3 or TD3 speculation, there're also something minor we need to talk about in S4. Some of Ellis' lines are reused lines from either audio comms, or cutscene lines. I don't know why, maybe they couldn't get his voice actor to do more lines, but he did record some lines for Camp White Oak Manhunt, so I'm not sure what's going on. Another thing is, do you remember that glitched ECHO? The one about Faye meets Ellis for the first and only time. Yeah this ECHO belongs to the manhunt mission, when you enter the Wooden Cabin, this ECHO will tell you how Faye killed Ellis. She stands on the balcony, points the gun at Ellis' head and pull the trigger. Glass shattered and Ellis got a headshot, Faye says "Meeting adjourned, Mr. President." Then to herself "It's done". Oh and about the S4 skill, there's still no clue what could it be, I guess there'll still be some secrets to be unveiled when we reach S4.
Y3 of TD2, or TD3?
Now with S3 and S4 concluded. What's next? My personal speculation is, we will get a new story direction. With Ellis outta the way, the Division's chain of command is in disarray right now, because the one on the very top is dead, but we had a rouge commander so he needed to go. I think next up we'll need to continue the line of succession, and find who's the next one to take the seat in the Oval Office, and make sure he's on our side. Then we'll have to deal with Black Tusk, and possibly the real evil behind the curtain, the shadow organization lurking in the dark and trying to take over US. Don't forget, Green Poison and the follow up apocalypse wasn't one bio-terrorist's action, and the Hunters finally have some kind of lore now, so maybe in 2021, we'll have another expansion like WONY, but maybe much bigger since we'll have to travel around the country, we got to get rid of Black Tusk, we probably need to assault their main bases as well, think of the possibilities for more Raids and Strongholds, we could even ditch JTF, and team up with actual soldiers, like US Army, Air Force and Navy to assault Black Tusk from land, air and sea. However if this is the case, we don't need another level cap raising, just give us new story and contents, don't let us grind all those hard earn gears AGAIN. But come to think of it, this kind of update would be too huge, they might decide to maintain TD2, and develop TD3 for a year or two, and release the new story and content in the next title. I guess we'll know when we cross that bridge, see y'all next time.
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2020.10.24 08:16 DLuX94 Rolelay sessions I’ve come up with, and would like to see how it goes. Need 10 ppl, will send the lobby code if you are interested in a role. Won’t start until we have all 10 locked in

Was playing earlier and just started coming up with interesting roles for people to play to mix the game up a bit. Here it is. Feel free for feedback.
Also your name must be the role’s name, and color
No tasks needed. Must follow guidelines. Imp(s) must play their role while also trying to win. Imps win by regular means or just killing white (unless white is imposter). Crew wins by discovering imps. Anyone is free to leave post only to call meeting, report or fix O2 and such.
VIP- (white) target/wanderer. Must be protected, if he dies AND is found its game over
Bodyguard- (black) must stay with white and protect him, making sure he isn’t killed
Admin- (purple) stays in admin, cafe and storage. Can watch admin computer to see where people are
Security- (blue) must make regular patrols and keep the peace, and watch security cams whenever possible. If blue spot you outside of your areas you must return and he must escort you back.
Repairs- (yellow) must stay in electrical, storage and can make regular trips to reactor or navigation by bottom hallways only.
Doctor- (cyan) must stay in medbay and cafe, watch for scans or vents. Can make occasional trips only to admin through cafe to check on purple.
Janitor- (brown) free to go anywhere, must stay around vents and doors for cleaning. Routine cleaning of different rooms in either clockwise or counterclockwise and must say which before start.
Detective- (orange) free to follow anyone as they please, and question during discussions the most. If detective asks you must answer, unless represented by the lawyer.
Lawyer- (lime) must choose a client they trust, or hired during lobby (up to lawyer to wait or pick ahead but must let people know who he represents.) and keep close, as well as defend them during discussions. (Whether imp or not).
Wildcard- (red) not much to be said. Chaotic neutral. Meant to spread as much misinformation and chaos as possible.
Stay in character as much as you can. If security or detective asks janitor what here was doing over here for instance he can say cleaning (easy example)
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Catch up here with Episode 1 and Episode 2 and Episode 3
A crow soars through the sky and eventually lands on a branch. It watches as GOLDEN COMPANY soldiers stomp northward and then examines the giant dragon killer scorpion crossbows they’re hauling along with them.
BRAN blinks awake. The door opens and MEERA REED enters with some hesitation. BRAN turns his head and stares at her like a particularly creepy department store mannequin. This makes MEERA angry and she walks over to him and sits down across from him with purpose. She stares daggers at him and he stares back serenely. Some of her anger dissipates when she realizes that BRAN’s humanity is truly gone. She asks him what he saw. BRAN tells her that soldiers are attacking them from the south. MEERA looks down and says oh.
DANY, JON, TYRION, GREY WORM, SANSA, and MEERA REED stand around a table while BRAN sits in a corner. They all stare at a single lion token on the map, south of their position. JON asks if BRAN is certain they are coming to attack. BRAN says he is and TYRION backs him up, saying that BRONN told him the same thing. Everyone looks at DANY, who seems furious. JON starts to lay out their options for courses of action and DANY interrupts him to say that they are going south. She declares that they are going to crush this force and then go straight down to KING’S LANDING and fuck up CERSEI’S shit. SANSA starts to object, saying that they’ve just settled here and that it would be hard for the troops to pack up and move out again. DANY says that she doesn’t care. That they will not be able to protect anyone from the ARMY OF THE DEAD if they have to keep looking out for CERSEI. She tells them to make the arrangements and leaves them to themselves.
BRIENNE sits at the foot of JAIME’s bed looking sad. JAIME’S condition has not improved. BRIENNE gets up, walks over to JAIME’s side, and takes his hand. She closes her eyes and cries quietly for the dying man she loves. When she opens her eyes she sees ARYA standing across from her. ARYA’s expression is flat and empty. She looks down at JAIME and says that his time is close as if this is at all comforting for anyone. She looks over at BRIENNE and tells her that she shouldn’t cry for him, even if she loves him. He has had a long, hard life and he will finally find peace. BRIENNE looks down, knowing that this is true. BRIENNE correctly observes that ARYA isn’t afraid to die, possibly sensing that she has Harry Potter-tier plot armor protecting her. ARYA shrugs and asks BRIENNE if she’s afraid to die. BRIENNE says that she was, once. She looks down at JAIME and remembers those brief moments where she had died on the battlefield at the hand of the ARMY OF THE DEAD. She touches one of the scars on her cheek and shakes her head. ARYA stares at her, realizing what had happened in WINTERFELL.
THEON and DAVOS are standing around watching the soldiers do their thing as the snow has momentarily stopped falling. DAVOS takes a deep breath and says that he kind of likes the swamp air, though it's no substitute for the sea. THEON looks miserable, remembering the last time he was at MOAT CAILIN and how he betrayed his own men. DAVOS looks at THEON and realizes that he’s a troubled young man in need of some guidance. He turns and looks at the battered castle and remarks that even though the fortress is worse for wear, it is still standing despite everything and that there’s something to be learned from that. He holds up his fingerless hand and says that the best thing to do is let the damage serve as a reminder of the mistakes of the past and to avoid repeating them. THEON nods, though he is still pretty upset.
JON SNOW approaches the two of them in a huff. DAVOS greets him cheerfully, but JON is clearly in no mood. He pauses when he sees THEON and is briefly overcome with contempt as he remembers how he betrayed the STARKS. Then he remembers that there are much bigger things to worry about and tells THEON and DAVOS that they need to get ready to travel south immediately. DAVOS asks where they are marching and JON tells them that the two of them aren’t marching anywhere, they’re going to take all the VIPs on the IRON FLEET BOAT down to KINGS LANDING and that they’re probably going to have to sneak past a blockade. DAVOS tells JON that he’ll do whatever is required of him but asks why they are moving again. JON looks down and tries to control his irritation. He says that their queen has ordered them to march against the GOLDEN COMPANY in the RIVERLANDS and then to take KINGS LANDING. All three men turn and look at the dark clouds coming from the North and look down. The snow starts falling again.
TYRION and VARYS are drinking wine and watching the soldiers pack up and get ready to march again. They both look very unhappy with what is happening. Finally, after a long silence, TYRION says that it’s likely for the best, though it’s clear that he thinks otherwise. VARYS plays along, saying that he trusts their queen’s judgment. TYRION gives him a side-eye and VARYS stares straight ahead out the window. Finally, TYRION sighs and asks VARYS if he thinks they are doing the right thing. VARYS plays coy and says that he doesn’t mind traveling. TYRION tells him to cut the shit with nothing more than a smoldering glare. VARYS shrugs and says that it’s hard to tell what the right thing is anymore and that everyone’s chief concern should be survival. He adds that he personally believes his best chance for survival is to be on the side of the person commanding the giant army and the flying fire breathing monsters. TYRION asks VARYS if he thinks anyone else could do a better job than her at ruling. VARYS says almost certainly but warns TYRION that she is the only person who can control the dragons. TYRION nods and drinks more wine.
Both try not to jump when the door opens as they discuss treason and GREY WORM enters, looking like someone just pissed in his cereal. He tells the two of them that they need to get their things together and get on the boat. They tell him they’ll be right on their way and GREY WORM stares at them before leaving them alone, looking particularly grumpy and suspicious.
SANSA sits at a table, writing another message. JON SNOW enters and SANSA looks up from what she is writing. She quickly covers it and greets her not-brother. JON asks who she is writing a message to and SANSA says it’s to their Uncle EDMURE TULLY, instructing him to ready his soldiers to march SOUTH toward KINGS LANDING and evacuate the RIVERLANDS and all the surrounding areas as soon as possible. JON looks like he doesn’t buy it and warns SANSA that if something were to happen, he would not be able to protect her from DANY. SANSA plays dumb and asks him what could happen as she seals her message to CERSEI shut. JON shakes his head and tells her that it’s time to get on the boat. SANSA rises and says she will get down to the boat as soon as she gets this message out. JON takes it from her and tells her that he will make sure it goes out, clenching the sealed scroll in a fist. SANSA looks like she wants to protest but ultimately says nothing. JON leads her out.
JON and SANSA approach the party of VIPS who will be going to KINGS LANDING by boat. THEON, DAVOS, BRAN, VARYS, TYRION, MISSANDEI, SAM TARLEY, and GREY WORM all stand (except BRAN) around with horses, a cart of their luggage, and a small escort of soldiers. DAVOS greets SANSA and JON and tells him that they are just about ready to go. JON nods and turns to SANSA. He tells her that he will see her soon and to be careful out on the water as he helps her onto the horse.
GREY WORM embraces MISSANDEI. She tells him to be careful on the battlefield and that she is going to miss him. GREY WORM tells her that he is going to miss her, too. He tells her he loves her and then helps her up onto her horse.
DAVOS nods to JON SNOW and leads the team down the road to the boats.
JON and GREY WORM start walking away. They see DROGON circle and land in a field nearby, where DANY is standing and waiting for him. JON pulls out SANSA’s message. Like an absolute fucking idiot, he gives it to GREY WORM and asks him to get this message from SANSA out, as he has to go speak with DANY. GREY WORM agrees but looks annoyed about being some mopey jerkoff’s errand boy.
JON approaches DANY. She looks at him first with bitter heartbreak before her face becomes a mask of regal aloofness. JON asks her if she’s sure that marching south is a good idea. DANY tells him that yes, she does think it’s a good idea. JON tries to warn her, but she interrupts him and says that her decision is final. She then tells JON to go and get the troops ready to march. JON says okay. DANY pointedly tells him to address her as “your grace”. JON says okay, your grace, and starts walking away, pausing for a moment and looking down like he just realized he might’ve colossally fucked up by backing DANY as she mounts her dragon and flies off.
BRIENNE enters to find an empty bed and looks confused.
THE HOUND rides south toward KINGS LANDING, lagging behind him is JAIME on a horse looking like absolute dogshit.
GREY WORM stops and looks down at SANSA’s note. He looks over into the courtyard and glances at the line of soldiers marching south. He then breaks the seal and reads the note. He looks up, looking furious as he realizes that SANSA has been making backchannel communications with CERSEI and was attempting to undermine DANY.
YARA stands on the shore with some IRONBORN waiting in rowboats behind her. THEON gets off his horse and greets his sister. He thanks her for her help, and she tells him that there isn’t much choice in the battle against the dead. DAVOS, SANSA, MISSANDEI, TYRION, and VARYS get into rowboats to be shuttled to the fleet. YARA motions to BRAN, looking like an off-brand Halloween decoration as he sits in his chair and asks her brother what his deal is. THEON explains that BRAN is the THREE EYED RAVEN and that sometimes he has visions or something. YARA wonders aloud what BRAN is seeing.
BRAN walks through the snow. He is standing in the smoldering remains of a pillaged village. Black smoke pours from the ruins of houses as white snow whips in a whirlwind all around him. He pauses to examine the corpse of a woman on the ground. Its eyes peel open revealing vivid blue irises. It sits up and gets to its feet. All of the bodies littering the town stand up. BRAN turns and sees THE NIGHT KING standing behind him, his arms raised up as he reanimates the dead and adds to his army. He gives his trademark icy smirk, making him look like the love child of Darth Maul and Smurfette. He then points at BRAN.
BRAN snaps awake and winces. He looks down at his arm and sees that it is almost entirely blue underneath his sleeve.
JON SNOW is riding on his horse with GHOST, the goodest boy, at his side, along with BRIENNE and GENDRY as well as all of the Northmen behind him. Periodically, he glances over his back at the dark clouds hanging over the northern sky as the sun begins to set. A scout comes riding up and tells JON that the GOLDEN COMPANY forces are not very far from where they are.
JON considers this and decides that their best bet is to make camp here and prepare for battle in the morning. He motions for everyone to stop and tells the scout to relay the message to GREY WORM and the rest of the forces and then ride to RIVERRUN and meet with EDMURE TULLY, that he should be expecting them because SANSA had sent him a message.
DAVOS stands at the helm of a ship next to YARA. He looks into a telescope and spots the IRON FLEET BLOCKADE at the mouth of THE BITE. The sun is just about set. DAVOS says that once night falls they should be able to sneak past the blockade relatively easily. YARA asks if he’s sure because if they get caught they are basically gonna be torn apart. DAVOS assures her that they will be fine. They slip past the blockade with ease.
EURON GREYJOY stands on the helm of his ship illuminated by torchlight. An underling looks through a telescope and says that YARA’s ship is attempting to slip past the blockade. EURON tells him to let her through, they can surround them when they get to the blockade at BLACKWATER BAY. The underling gets his fifteen minutes of fame and screams the order to let the boat pass and a signal goes up to the other boats. THE NEXT MORNING IN THE RIVERLANDS CAMP
JON SNOW stands in his tent before a makeshift map planning out troop movements. GREY WORM comes stomping into the tent with two UNSULLIED soldiers flanking him. JON looks up and greets his counterpart and then asks where DANY is. GREY WORM, looking somehow even more surly and agitated than usual, growls that DANY won’t be joining them and that she instructed him to make the battle plan. JON looks down at the map and back up at GREY WORM and quietly asks if that includes the NORTHMEN. GREY WORM repeats that the entire army is under his command. JON tells him that the NORTHMEN are there to serve at DANY’s pleasure, though he warns GREY WORM that they won’t take kindly to receiving orders from someone who is not one of their own. GREY WORM says that the penalty for insubordination is death. JON shakes his head slowly but ultimately agrees to follow GREY WORM’s command like the stupid pushover that he is.
CERSEI sits on her throne looking bored and smug. THE MOUNTAIN stands behind her like a murder-statue. QYBURN enters and announces that he has a message for the queen from THE GOLDEN COMPANY. He hands her the scroll and she reads it and frowns down at the parchment. She looks up and asks if that is the only message that they’ve gotten? QYBURN says that it is and CERSEI wonders aloud if SANSA’s communication was a trick. QYBURN asks if she has any orders for THE GOLDEN COMPANY and CERSEI says that they should attempt to hold the RIVERLANDS as long as possible to slow the northern invaders.
GOLDEN COMPANY soldiers stand at the ready in orderly lines. They have built some modest fortifications and have set up some of the dragon killer scorpion ballistae. Off at the top of a hill some distance away, the NORTHERN ARMY pokes its head up as they reach the top of the hill.
JON SNOW stands at the top of the hill with his soldiers. GREY WORM stands beside him and gives JON the nod to lead the initial charge of NORTHMEN, who will likely suffer the most losses at the hands of the GOLDEN COMPANY.
THE GOLDEN COMPANY commander, who isn’t even important enough to have a name, orders his archers to knock their arrows and get ready to start killing people for money, as mercenaries are wont to do. Before he could tell them to loose, a dark spot on the horizon appears. He squints up at it and tries to make out what it is. By the time he figures out what’s about to happen, it’s far too late. DANY comes swooping down upon them on the back of DROGON raining fire and death on their stupid sellsword heads with RHAEGAL following behind shooting streams of fire as well but DROGON is doing the heavy lifting here.
Their ranks are shattered and those who aren’t BBQed make a hasty retreat crying to their mommas and the battle is pretty much over before it could even begin. JON looks relieved and GREY WORM looks pissed that JON wasn’t somehow killed with friendly fire. DANY doesn’t even bother landing. Rather, she just cruises by on her dragon and gives JON a look that says “if you’re not careful, this shit is gonna happen to you next.”
They all continue marching south on the King’s Road.
SANSA, TYRION, MISSANDEI, VARYS, and BRAN are sitting below-deck. BRAN is warging and everyone is trying to pretend that they aren’t totally creeped out by him. TYRION sighs and says he wishes that they brought wine. SANSA coolly tells him that it’s better they keep a clear head, as they have a lot to think about it. VARYS says that while there is much to think about, there isn’t much they can do at this moment. SANSA agrees and adds that these moments of inaction are perfect for planning. TYRION asks SANSA what she could possibly be planning. SANSA glances at MISSANDEI and cryptically says that there will be much to do once they get to KING’S LANDING.
MISSANDEI doesn’t like the way SANSA is looking at her and asks her what her plans are once they get to KING’S LANDING. SANSA tells her that they have a war to prepare for. MISSANDEI reminds SANSA that DANY that she has the final say on all their war plans because she is their queen. SANSA asks her what makes her so sure that DANY is their queen. MISSANDEI grows angry and says that without DANY they would almost certainly be killed by THE ARMY OF THE DEAD and that it is by her grace that her brother, JON SNOW, is alive. She adds that DANY is the heir to the Targaryen throne. SANSA smirks and asks MISSANDEI what makes her so sure that DANY’s claim to the throne is the strongest. TYRION and VARYS look at each other as MISSANDEI stands up and declares that there is nobody better suited to ruling than DANY, that she is the strong, kind, merciful leader that they need, and to suggest otherwise is essentially treason.
As MISSANDEI’S anger reaches its peak, a bolt bursts through the hull and impales her, killing her almost instantly. Water starts pouring in through the hole in the ship.
YARA and THEON and DAVOS are running around with the rest of the crew as arrows, crossbow bolts, and harpoons on chains are flying at them from behind, as EURON pursues them on SILENCE. YARA looks into her telescope and confirms that their shitty, second-rate punk rocker uncle is indeed the one chasing them. DAVOS looks ahead of them and spots the blockade of the BLACKWATER BAY and announces that they are trapped.
YARA directs the crew to turn the ship around to meet SILENCE directly, as they have no hope of getting past the blockade as they take on water. TYRION pokes his head aboveboard to see the chaos happening all around and informs the remaining VIPs that they’re better off taking their chances with the water below deck.
EURON watches YARA turn their boat around and start looping toward them and laughs like an off-brand unlikable Joker-wannabe and draws his sword, looking excited to murder his niece and nephew. He orders his crew to hold their fire as YARA’s ship loops around until he gives the command to resume shooting.
YARA orders the IRONBORN to ready themselves for combat, as they are going to attempt to board and capture SILENCE. THEON asks her if she really wants to do that, as EURON is still their uncle. YARA says she doesn’t give a fuck about their uncle and really, he started it so he’s gonna get what’s coming. THEON looks slightly conflicted about this but understands.
As they get closer to SILENCE, there’s a moment of tension where both crews stare each other down. Clearly, the IRONBORN crews are slightly uncomfortable with murdering their kinsmen. Then the boats get within attacking range of one another and EURON gives the order to start firing and all hell breaks out.
THEON realizes that their boat is getting clobbered and the people below-deck, but especially BRAN, probably need to be saved from drowning. He runs away to go save them as YARA is about to lead the boarding party, mirroring that other time he totally bailed like a huge coward and left her hanging out to dry when she needed him most. She leads the boarding party without him disappointed but not completely surprised.
THEON goes below deck to see that the water is up to their waists already as several more projectiles have pierced the hull. SANSA, SAM, TYRION, and VARYS along with the other crewmembers are scrambling to get above deck and save as much cargo as they can. BRAN is, somehow, still warging and so is completely unaware of the fact that his lap is underwater. He runs over and yanks him out of the chair and starts carrying him back above the deck.
Meanwhile, YARA and some of the IRONBORN are slicing and dicing EURON’s crew of mute weirdos. EURON and a few non-mook members of his crew strike back and cut down a chunk of the YARA’s crew. YARA’s boat catches on fire just as night has fallen and the flames start climbing up the sails. YARA and EURON catch eyes in the flickering light and start working their way toward each other.
THEON is carrying BRAN and trying not to panic as the flames start to take over the boat. He is desperately searching for somewhere safe to stash everyone’s least-favorite living Stark. In his search, he is caught off-guard by some of EURON’s crew, who immediately realize that they have the last male heir to the GREYJOY name right where they want him. Before they can do anything to him, they find themselves coming down with a bad case of sword through chest, as DAVOS and SAM and SANSA save him with some salvaged weapons. THEON and SANSA have a moment and he silently expresses his thanks before passing BRAN’s limp body over to DAVOS like an unwanted sack of potatoes. He runs to help YARA.
YARA and EURON face down on the deck of SILENCE and the other IRONBORN hang back to watch these two legends duke it out. They exchange some words about who’s the better pirate and EURON says some dumb shit about his dick that doesn’t make any sense and get down to dueling. YARA starts out doing okay, but it becomes increasingly clear to all concerned that EURON is actually really fucking good at sword fighting and gets the upper hand. He wounds YARA, which causes her to fight defensively until she finds her back to the edge of the ship. EURON tells her that she can either die like an IRONBORN or jump overboard like her coward of a brother.
THEON tries to fight his way to EURON and YARA, but the massive amount of torture and psychological damage he has taken during his time as REEK has really dulled his edge when it comes to fighting and takes a few nasty hits along the way, including a dagger to the side, but still manages to dispatch all of the fighters in his way, though he loses his sword in the process. By the time he gets to YARA he’s running mostly on pure adrenaline and knows that he’s too wounded to live through this ordeal, as he’s tired of scrapping and scrounging to live a life of dickless suffering and agony.
Just as EURON is about to strike the killing blow on YARA, THEON comes out of nowhere and tackles his uncle, knocking them both clear overboard. THEON pulls the knife out of his side while sinking underwater and stabs EURON in the chest. As the blood curls around him, THEON looks up through the dark murky depths and sees his sister staring down into the water with sorrow and appreciation and THEON GREYJOY dies a hero, while EURON dies having never living out his dream of banging CERSEI, meaning all of this for him was largely for nothing.
With their captain dead and drowned, the crew of the SILENCE quickly loses their enthusiasm for battle and surrender to YARA, who commandeers the ship and has all of the survivors, including the remaining VIPs, brought aboard to the ship that is not currently on fire.
SANSA asks YARA where THEON is, though she already knows the answer. YARA shakes her head and looks down. SANSA wipes a tear from her eye and says that he was one of the strongest people she knew and that most people would never be able to endure what he endured. YARA said he died a true IRONBORN and that he’s feasting with the DROWNED GOD now and this weirdly provides them both with some comfort.
SAM TARLEY (remember him?) watches BRAN’s empty expression and wonders aloud what he’s watching.
A crow perches on a branch and watches JAIME LANNISTER, who looks like he’s still moments away from dying, and THE HOUND approach the city gates of KINGS LANDING on horseback. The guard starts to ask who goes there, then realizes who it is and quickly grows pale before calling for the gates to be opened. The pair ride through opened gates and enter the city.
Click here to go to Episode 5
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2020.10.20 18:04 kvnklly If you are just gonna charge headfirst, not call in a spy plane and just ignore your teammates, then please dont even queue up for VIP escort

Its unbelieveable how many ppl when they are the VIP dont even bother to try to play correctly. They charge headfirst in front of the support and try to exfil immediately. They run solo to B when the whole team goes A. i would say 30% of the time in my experience they dont even bother to pop any smoke when they go for the exfil either.
Its annoying as fuck when we clear out an exfil and the VIP is no where to be found because they either went opposite way or they are so far back that we have to hold the area for another minute while they take their time getting up to us.
Im not expecting everyone to be good but if youre gonna play the game mode dont be an complete detriment. Youre not john wick, you are not killing the whole team with a pistol, so please just stop queuing up for this game mode. Or at least come on the mic and say you arent too sure of what to do so your teammates can explain it.
Sidenote: use the ping system if you dont use a mic, it helps a lot
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2020.10.20 15:32 PurpleHawk222 All the maps in the beta ranked

With the beta coming to a close, I’d thought I’d give my thoughts on the maps that we played and hopefully tell Treyarch what to change. Well go worst to best
6 crossroads Last and least is crossroads, this map is terrible in combined arms asssult, half of the map is running across a ice lake and getting sniped, where every you are on the map you are extremely vulnerable to snipers, there is not a lot of cover. On vip escort this map is So slow slow, it wasn’t un common to not encounter someone the entire round, also the vip can’t extract because all the sites are extremely exposed, the other sites on other maps are exposed to, but they aren’t exposed to the entire map, if you want to kill the VIP you have to get to him, not just snipe him from across the map. Absolutely dreadful map, add some more cover so I can move around the map and remove it from vip escort
5 Satellite probably a controversial one but, I d say satellite is the worst 6v6 map, I went into the map with high expectations as everyone seemed to like it, i didn’t. The left side of the map is one big choke point, the bottom middle is so weird to fight in, and if anyone has the high ground on you, you are dead. The sandumes dont annoy me much because I’m usually never near there. The B flag is one big game of ring around the Rosie when someone starts contesting the point. Its not the worst map ever, but it’s not as great as I thought it would be. dk how I would fix satellite.
4 Miami Best looking map in the game, plays decent when playing objective game modes, when it’s played in kill confirmed or TDM it’s wprse than satellite because it can get boring, it works good in vip escort too. I would say up the player count to 12v12 and that’s it.
3 Moscow Not much to say about Moscow, i like it. It supports all styles of play, and is simple medium paced action
2 *Cartel Great map for all modes, It works very well in VIP escort, and it’s fun in combined arms too. Unlike Miami it works in both 6v6 and 12v12
1 armada I love armada, it’s fun to zip around on zip lines and boats, the domination points are fun to fight in. I like the gimmick of underwater combat, although it can just devalue into trying to find the person in the water before they find you, I rarely actually had any gunfights in the water, just me shooting someone who didn’t see me or someone shooting me that I didn’t see.
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2020.10.20 01:02 Zithero Of Nite and Dei [Chapter 20]

Table of Contents
Chapter 16 l Chapter 17 l Chapter 18 l Chapter 19

Sorjoy and Cleo’s limousine pulled up to Trueman’s Manor in the late afternoon as the sun was setting.
As they pulled up to the house, standing at the base of the large staircase, Malik was waiting for them, patiently.
Malik approached the car door, opening it politely, “Greetings Mr. Sorjoy, Ms. Walters. My apologies, but despite your call ahead, Mr. Trueman is not available at the moment.”
Sorjoy growled, getting out of the car and straightening his tie, “did you inform Mr.Trueman it is of the utmost importance that I speak to him immediately?”
Malik lent Cleo a hand as she stepped out of the limo, “I did, sir, but Mr. Trueman is not to be disturbed.”
Sorjoy turned to Malik, narrowing his eyes, “Where is he, you Imp?”
Malik’s gaze hardened on Sorjoy.
Upon seeing the scene unfold, Cleo rushed to smooth the situation over to the best of her abilities. “Mr. Sorjoy has an urgent matter to bring up with Mr. Trueman, Malik,” Cleo interjected, “I apologize for his crass comment but Mr. Sorjoy is very distressed by some recent developments. Could you please show us to him?”
Malik looked to Cleo and then to Sorjoy. He nodded, “you're not the one who should be apologizing, but I accept the apology nonetheless,” he said, “Follow me, Mr. Trueman is in the atrium.”
Sorjoy glared at Malik as he led them up the steps, “I did-”
Cleo elbowed Mr. Sorjoy’s ribs, “Thank you, Malik! This is greatly appreciated. We’ll inform Mr. Trueman that you told us to not disturb him.”
“Much obliged,” Malik said, without turning to face them.
Sorjoy glared at Cleo as they walked up the steps.
Cleo tapped on her tablet, Sorjoy’s phone vibrating shortly thereafter.
Sorjoy glanced at his phone and read the message that had just come in: “If you are not nice to Malik, he won’t take you to Trueman.”
Sorjoy sneered at the phone and typed a response back to Cleo, “I will not address an Imp like an equal.”
Cleo heaved a sigh, Sorjoy’s phone buzzing once more: “and you wonder why I am not keen on having dinner with you?”
Sorjoy stopped as he read the message, Cleo walking past him, keeping up with Malik as they entered the massive foyer of Mr. Trueman’s manner.
Sorjoy spent a brief moment looking at Cleo’s white wings and her rear as she made her way past him, before snapping himself back to reality and moving to catch up with them. “Why is it with every denial I want her all the more?” Sorjoy thought to himself.
After passing through several hallways, the trio came to a set of stained glass doors. Malik stood by the doors and smiled to the pair, “If I may usher you to the Atrium.” With a flourish, he opened the door and bowed, allowing the pair to enter.
Cleo’s eyes were wide as she looked at the massive flora within. It was far less a greenhouse or atrium and more of a massive biodome.
Huge palm trees dominated a canopy over their heads as exotic plants and fruit-bearing trees and bushes lined paths leading through the huge enclosure.
Cleo looked over at one bush, in particular, confused as to the fruit she saw, “What is this?”
Malik laughed, “Naggenaz,” he smiled, “extremely rare and delicate exotic fruit.”
Cleo nodded, “I’ve never even heard of it before.”
Soon the three came upon a massive fountain. The fountain had ivy climbing over moss and flowers covering the stone structure. At the center of the fountain stood a massive stone statue of a mighty angel, holding a globe in one hand and a tome in the other.
Mr.Trueman knelt before this fountain and within its water, on a fresh pedestal, stood the Heart of Lucifer.
Cleo smiled, “What a lovely placement for your diamond, Mr. Trueman.”
Mr. Trueman said nothing, his grey eyes fixed upon the bluish liquid which sparkled and swirled in the sunbeams of the setting sun striking the diamond through the glass ceiling.
Malik frowned, “Mr. Trueman has been coming here every day, spending hours admiring his newest acquisition.”
Sorjoy walked to Mr. Trueman, “Leave us, please. We have an urgent and private matter to discuss.”
Malik turned to Cleo, “would you like some tea, Ms.Walters?”
Cleo smiled, “I’d be honored. You have the most divine tea.”
Malik beamed to Cleo, “Thank you, Ms. Walters.”
Cleo and Malik left the atrium.
When the doors shut, Sorjoy turned his attention to Mr. Trueman, “Sir, I have to speak with you. I feared this information might leak if it went through the phone lines.”
Mr. Trueman’s eyes appeared dilated and his breathing was slow and steady.
“Mr. Trueman, sir?” Sorjoy said, narrowing his eyes. He shook the old man but found him still in his stupor. “Great, now the old man has gone senile.”
Sorjoy smiled to himself, “I wonder if Trueman's lack of mental clarity is an angle I can use to seize the old man’s position?” Sorjoy was about to call Palma before Trueman spoke.
“Not on your life, boy,” Mr. Trueman’s eyes blinked as he turned to Sorjoy, “I’m as clear as ever, if not more so.”
“Mr. Trueman,” Sorjoy frowned to himself now, “Did I say that out loud?”
“Now, boy,” Mr. Trueman heaved a sigh, “what is so damned important that you must interrupt my communion with our Guardian, Lucifer?”
Sorjoy was taken aback for a moment.
“Your communion with the Guardian Lucifer?” Sorjoy asked.
“I may be old,” Trueman wheezed, “and perhaps I cannot speak as well as I could before, but I know you heard me.”
Sorjoy gave Trueman a confused look, but that look turned to a sheepish grin, “of course, Mr. Trueman, I understand.”
Trueman slowly got up from his kneeling position, with the assistance of Sorjoy, “Thank you, my boy.”
“Sir, sorry to bother you but I had to tell you this information in person-” Sorjoy attempted to explain but found himself cut-off by Trueman.
“The Miner is returning to Dei, yes?” Trueman said matter-of-factly.
Sorjoy glanced at the diamond and then back to Trueman, a look of disbelief on his face.
“Don’t doubt the Guardian, boy,” Trueman said as he began to shamble back into the mansion, “Lucifer has more sway over our lives than most.”
“Right,” Sorjoy frowned. “I wanted to tell you because I have a major issue.”
“Oh?” Trueman said with a sly grin on his wrinkled face, “do tell.”
Sorjoy steeled himself for Trueman’s reaction to his explanation, “The miner, in this case, has mated with a Niten Dragon. She’s violated our most sacred tenant and as such must be punished. But,” Sorjoy reasoned, “she’s a mate of a Nite, which would mean that she is the mate of a Niten Dragon. Harming her would cause despair to a Niten Dragon.”
“Quite the conundrum,” Trueman agreed, “so what is it you plan to do about this?”
Sorjoy frowned, “That’s why I came to you, sir. I wanted to know: What should I do?”
Trueman thought for a moment, “So, you, Sorjoy felt that you had to differ with the Grand Patriarch for this issue?”
Sorjoy nodded.
“I see,” Trueman wheezed as they slowly meandered through the garden within the atrium. “First I have a question for you, my boy.”
“What’s that, Mr. Trueman?” Sorjoy asked.
“When I am no longer the Grand Patriarch, and you have another issue of similar gravity, whom will you turn to?” Trueman questioned.
“I…” Sorjoy trailed off, looking down at the feeble old man.
“That’s what I thought,” Mr. Trueman gave a nod, “if this is beyond your judgment or your capacity perhaps I should give this task to Mr. Hoffman,” Mr. Trueman fixed Sorjoy with a dire gaze, “as well as the nomination for Grand Patriarch.”
“N-no!” Sorjoy shouted, “no, sir! I can do this. I promise, I-”
“Yes,” Mr. Trueman smiled to Sorjoy, “I know.” He stopped at the Naggenaz fruit, picking one, “here. Take this as consideration.”
Sorjoy looked to the fruit, looking over the oddly textured flesh, “what is this?”
“Naggenaz,” Trueman said softly, “A fruit from Nite.”
“What?!” Sorjoy looked at the fruit in his hand, “but this violates the Tenant…”
“Does it?” Mr. Trueman turned to Sorjoy, “I took but a seed from an eaten fruit, gifted to us by the Niten Dragons. Something gifted, makes it ours, not Nite’s, yes?” Mr. Trueman reasoned.
“But, sir-” Sorjoy tried to interject once more.
“It’s a minutia, a gray area, it’s our judgment to determine the right and wrong of it. I am the Grand Patriarch and allow this,” Trueman turned to Sorjoy, “What of you? What of your judgment? When I am gone, would you consider it sin? And if so, would enforce it by burning this tree? A tree that did nothing wrong?”
“It’s just a tree,” Sorjoy argued.
“Is that all you see, Sorjoy? Only a tree?” Mr. Trueman’s thin lips turned up in a smile, “I believe we’ve discussed everything.”
“Persephone runs Cerberus,” Sorjoy explained
“Cerberus?” Mr. Trueman’s smile vanished, “yes. The mongrels who tried to prevent my diamond from arriving. I wonder, what this Persephone’s goal is now? Do they covet this diamond? Or is it merely a slight against The Scale?”
“Either way, sir, I’ll find them out,” Sorjoy offered.
“No,” Mr.Trueman shook his head, “your concern is handling the Miner. I will assign someone else within the Scale to handle this situation.”
“Who?” Sorjoy asked nervously.
“That’s none of your concern,” Mr. Trueman said matter-of-factly, “will we see you at Hoffman’s wedding? It is at the end of the week,” Mr. Trueman grinned, “and I expect to see you with a date. So please, contact my associate, Mimi.”
Sorjoy grimaced, “yes, Grand Patriarch.”
“After all,” Mr. Trueman grinned, “it was Mimi who allowed for Mr. Hoffman to meet his current bride.”
Outside of the atrium Cleo and Malik moved to a small kitchen.
“I do hope you don’t mind, I have some errands to run around the house,” Malik informed Cleo.
Cleo smiled, “It’s alright, I don’t mind.”
“Your superior is no longer here, you don’t need to feign politeness,” Malik advised.
“I don’t look down on imps,” Cleo reminded Malik, “did you think I was lying when I said that to you before?”
Malik walked into a butler’s pantry, setting a small kettle on the stove and opening a cupboard to fetch some tea bags, “I suppose it was difficult for me to believe,” Malik laughed softly as he pulled a pair of teacups from another cupboard.
“Is it really?” Cleo tapped a few items on her tablet, “why? Have you been mistreated?”
“Not by Mr. Trueman,” Malik said, “but normally, we aren’t looked at as more than the mere working-class citizenry.”
“It shouldn’t be that way,” Cleo stated.
Malik took the kettle off the stove and poured water into the teacups, “I wish more angels felt as you did about us imps.”
“Me too,” Cleo smiled as Malik brought her the teacup, “thank you, Malik.”
“And polite too,” Malik smiled, “odd to see a woman of privilege treating an imp with such cordiality.”
Cleo nearly choked on her tea, “what does that mean?”
“I’ve lived in enough mansions as a servant to know when a woman has had a well-to-do upbringing,” Malik smiled.
“Yeah,” Cleo sighed, “that’s how it was for most of my life. But even then, I was always kind to our house Imp, Qukbin,” Cleo smiled as she recalled the small green-skinned imp who cared for her father’s home.
“Qukbin, I think I know him,” Malik smiled, “He worked for Julius Walters. Are you related to him, by chance?”
“No,” Cleo frowned, “not anymore.”
Malik looked to his teacup and took another sip, noting Cleo’s reaction. He quickly decided to change the subject, “do you know how long your superior plans to be here?”
“I’m not sure,” Cleo said, sipping her tea and sighing, wishing to move the subject just as much as Malik did, “this tea is excellent. Mr. Trueman certainly affords himself some unique food and drink.”
“He can afford almost anything,” Malik pointed out.
“Almost?” Cleo laughed, “he’s the wealthiest man on the planet.”
Malik nodded, “and even so, there are some things money cannot buy.”
“Like what?” Cleo asked.
Malik was silent for a moment, then placed his teacup on the counter, “follow me.”
“Malik?” Cleo asked, wondering where the small imp was heading as he slipped past her.
“Tell no one of what you see,” Malik requested.
“Why show me if I shouldn’t know about it?” Cleo asked, following Malik.
Malik smiled, “because I trust you.”
Cleo laughed softly as she followed Malik up a grand staircase. “Because I respect you as an equal?”
Malik turned to her as he reached the top of the steps, “because you respect all of us.”
Cleo smiled and Malik politely took her hand as she reached the top step, “well, it’s the least you deserve,” Cleo said.
Malik nodded and walked down the hallway to a large oak door. He gave a cursory knock, “coming in Master Kaelen.”
“Kaelen?” Cleo lifted an eyebrow out of curiosity.
“Yes, Mr. Trueman’s only son,” Malik opened the door, “you wanted to know what it was that Mr. Trueman could not afford?”
Cleo gave Malik a curious look before she turned to the doorway.
Inside was a room Cleo would best describe as a hospital room. Cleo followed Malik inside as he turned the light on.
“He could not purchase life for his son, despite his best efforts,” Malik informed.
Cleo walked slowly to Kaelen’s bedside, looking to the tubes and wires attached to him, “are his wings…?”
“Yes,” Malik smiled, “white, like yours.”
Cleo looked him over, her eyes were drawn to a handsome face that appeared to be sleeping soundly. Her hand automatically moved to cup his cheek.
As Cleo’s hand touched his skin, Kaelen shifted slightly, causing Cleo to recoil in surprise.
“Kaelen here was born with some kind of brain damage,” Malik explained, “every surgery, every treatment, and he never opened his eyes, despite being physically well.”
Cleo nodded, “I see… how old is he?”
“Mr. Trueman has dealt with this for over thirty years,” Malik sighed, “it’s a shame. I always thought that, perhaps, if he ever woke, he would be kind to us like Mr. Trueman. Sadly, despite Mr. Trueman’s best efforts to leave his fortune to the young boy, it will likely be challenged by his extended family.”
“Can’t use money when you’re… well…” Cleo sighed, “it's a shame. He’s… very handsome,” Cleo said softly.
Malik laughed, “perhaps your presence may give Master Kaelen the drive to wake. A beautiful young angel to come to his rescue?”
Cleo laughed softly to herself, blushing, “you flatter me.”
“I speak the truth,” Malik said, “come, we should not linger here.”
Cleo nodded, “goodbye, Kaelen,” she said as she walked to the door, “it was nice meeting you.”

Shuttle Goodwill
“So the guy is the one who has to ask you out?” Tarrabetha heaved a sigh as Yuki found herself doing assorted tasks around the shuttle.
Yuki laughed, “usually. That’s how it is on Dei.”
“But Tom is so slow,” Tarrabetha groaned.
Issla floated past the two, “he is the Ground Crew Coordinator, he’s literally on the clock every time you speak with him. He likely cannot ask you out on a date on an official line.”
Tarrabetha pouted, “Well then I’m going to get out of this ship and ask him!”
“And risk contamination?” Issla growled, “no, I cannot stand being on Dei for more than a day, no offense, Yuki.”
Yuki laughed, “no, it’s fine. Oh, hey we’re passing your moon,” Yuki noticed as she looked out a small window.
“Slingshot time,” Tarrabetha smiled, “then it’s a direct gravity-assisted swing into Dei’s orbit!”
Yuki moved closer to the window, “I don’t normally see the moon from this angle. We normally always come at it from another direction to keep the solar cells operating at peak efficiency.”
Yuki and the crew admired the moon as they floated by.
Briggette soon floated over to her three crewmates, “Okay, time to hit the gym ladies,” Briggette laughed as she floated down the hallway.
Yuki nodded. While she hated the idea of gym-time in her old ship, she knew it was required, otherwise, her limbs would be as useless as her wings were when she first arrived on Nite.
Yuki followed the other women into a large room with several machines. She watched as Briggette floated over to a large weight station designed to emulate a sort of bench press. The bar was attached to large elastic bands, rather than weights, to provide proper resistance.
Issla moved to a treadmill, strapping herself into it to keep her feet securely to the moving belt, and Tarrabetha moved to a leg press, which also had resistance bands vs weights for training.
Yuki looked at a device which she had used a version of back on Nite during her therapy but decided this was her best place to start.
There was a pair of leavers which her wings would wrap around, and a few small bands attached to the leavers to provide resistance.
Yuki floated over to the device and strapped herself in, swinging her wings behind the leavers, and wincing as she moved her wings back and forth, straining her muscles as she did.
After a few minutes on each machine, the women all headed out of the Gym.
As Yuki floated by, however, Issla stopped her.
“Yuki, I wanted to address this,” Issla held up a large yellow feather to Yuki.
Yuki frowned, “Wait, where-”
“It was stuck in one of the fans,” Issla frowned, “I’ve placed filters on them, but is this going to be a common problem throughout the journey?”
Yuki took the feather, worry on her face, “no. This isn’t normal.”
Tarrabetha tapped Yuki’s shoulder, “well… you’ve got some problems then.”
Yuki turned and saw Tarrabetha had a few feathers in her hands as well. She checked her wing and to her shock, the skin underneath was not the normal shade of pale pink she was used to.
The skin on her wings had turned blue.

Dr. Terasuki looked over the bloodwork sent over from the shuttle and compared it with Yuki’s previous bloodwork.
From what Dr. Terasuki had been told, Yuki was quarantined and was wearing a flight suit over her wings to prevent her discarded feathers from getting into any additional equipment.
Dr. Terasuki grumbled as she looked over the bloodwork. “Well, this is unfortunate.” She picked up her phone and made a call.
Rezzolina was the one to answer the call, “So, is my whole crew infected?”
Dr. Terasuki heaved a sigh, “not unless pregnancy is contagious.”
“Oh for the love of the Guardians,” Rezzolina hissed.
“She’ll need to be monitored, but if this launch didn’t harm her pregnancy, I don’t see why another would. I would recommend she exercise as much as possible,” Dr. Terasuki pointed out.
“I’ll tell Serren,” Rezzolina said, simply, “I don’t want you to do so.”
“Why is that?” Dr. Terasuki asked.
“Because it’s possible Yuki may never come back,” Rezzolina growled, “and I don’t need Serren knowing he lost a mate and a child.”

Yuki sat in her quarantine chamber, worrying over her head. Shedding feathers was a bad sign, in general. Shedding feathers with a blue rash? Even worse.
Tarrabetha peeked her head in, “Okay, you’re free to move about the cabin, just keep those things on your wings.”
Yuki sighed, “so no infection?”
“Nope,” Tarrabetha chuckled.
“Good and no parasites or anything?” Yuki asked, floating towards her.
“Define ‘parasite’,” Tarabetha joked.
“What?” Yuki asked.
“So, apparently you’re pregnant!” Tarrabetha announced.
Yuki’s head spun for a moment and she grabbed onto a handle affixed to the wall, “What?”
“Yaay?” Tarrabetha said, trying to force a smile, feeling Yuki’s anxiety.
“How?” Yuki asked, confusion on her face.
“Well, there’s a doctor who’s willing to talk to you about it!” Tarrabetha frowned, “though she did seem to be in a sour mood.”
“Dr. Terasuki?” Yuki asked.
“Yep!” Tarrabetha chirped.
“Yep,” Yuki heaved a sigh, “That’s her normal persuasion.”
Tarrabetha led Yuki to a communications screen where Dr. Terasuki sat next to Rezzolina.
“If it’s not my two favorite Nite…” Yuki said sarcastically.
Rezzolina snarled, “Preface to all of this: If you do not come back to Nite, I’m going to recommission the shuttle and fly there myself, do you understand me?”
Yuki let out a yelp as Rezzolina chastised her, “I had to go back for my son, I told you this!” Yuki said.
“And now you’ve endangered yourself, my crew, and my possible niece or nephew,” Rezzolina glared.
“Chairwoman,” an exasperated Dr. Terasuki said, pushing her aside, “if I may…”
Rezzolina sat down next to her.
Dr. Terasuki took a deep inhale through her nostrils, “Yuki… I am sending a recommendation of exercises and diet that will provide you and your child the best nutrition and health possible on your spaceflight. I want to add that there is absolutely no data on hybrid Nite/Dei children nor on embryonic development in zero gravity… so our only hope at a viable pregnancy is to follow my instructions without deviation.”
Yuki nodded, “of course. And what about Serren? I want to talk to him.”
Rezzolina sneered, “you can see him when you return. Until then and until I’m certain you’re coming home, I will be tending to my brother’s well being.”
Yuki sighed, “just… please make sure he’s safe, okay?”
Rezzolina’s mean face softened for a moment, “I will, that much I promise.”

Jax sat in a dark room rubbing his shoulder as he looked at the healing wound from when he took a bullet a week or so ago.
“Bastards,” Jax cursed.
A man with green wings and black hair approached him, bringing Jax a drink, “your buddy Jophiel got our message and wants in. We’re working on some legal loopholes but he’s been pretty well buried by the bureaucrats.”
“Yeah,” Jax took the drink, “no worries. I have a lead of my own, thanks Remi.”
Remiel gave Jax a nod as he took a seat, “the others are even more committed now that a few of our brothers were killed in the last operation.”
“Seems Persphone isn’t all-knowing after all,” Jax spat.
Remi sighed, “last I checked, she told us to disengage but you ignored that order.”
Jax turned from Remi, “seemed like a whole lot of work for nothing.”
“I’m not saying you were wrong, but maybe this Persphone knew what they were talking about,” Remi pointed out.
“Maybe,” Jax sighed as his phone buzzed. “Speak of the Guardian.”
Remi stood up, “orders?”
Jax looked at his phone and winced, “seems I got under someone’s skin.”
Remi glanced at the message:
Your recent actions have linked Cerberus to my name. This was done so prematurely and has accelerated plans that are not fully prepared.
I am disappointed, to say the least. I do not mind you taking matters into your own hands. You are my guardians, my soldiers, my strength. But I do require you to speak to me first prior to your next plot.
We are on the same side, please do not work to undermine me inadvertently.
Should you be working to undermine me purposefully, however, be assured that you will be one of my soldiers no more.
Come to the address below in five hours and do so discreetly.
Remi chuckled, “have you ever sat in class and heard that someone is being taken to the headmaster’s office?”
Jax glared at Remi, “very funny.”
“Better get movin’, you don’t want to piss off the boss,” Remi advised.
Jax sighed, “you mean to piss off the boss any more than I already have.”

Cleo laid on her bed staring at the ceiling. For some reason, she couldn’t get Kaelen’s face out of her mind.
Teryn soon peeked her head into Cleo's vision, “soooooo?”
Cleo sighed, “Teryn, I appreciate the offer, but I can’t even go to the wedding,” Cleo sat up slowly, forcing Teryn to sit up, “My boss is going to be there. He can’t see me associating with you, then he’ll know what I used to do for a living.”
“Hey, I only get married once, Pat!” Teryn grinned.
“You’re going to be a trophy wife, Teryn, you might get married a few times,” Cleo pointed out.
“A pampered trophy wife!” Teryn winked at Cleo, “I mean just look at the rock!” Teryn flashed her ring with a very large diamond on her finger.
“You’ve shown it to me a few times,” Cleo pointed out.
“But doesn’t it just get prettier every time you see it?” Teryn beamed, “kind of like it’s owner?” Teryn struck a pose.
Cleo couldn’t help but laugh, “will you stop?”
Teryn gasped, “Oh my Guardian! Pat can smile! The fabled expression does exist! I’ll call the press!”
Cleo hurled a pillow at Teryn, who caught it grinning.
“Fine,” Teryn pouted, “you aren’t going to come to the wedding. My heart is broken into a million pieces.”
Cleo sighed, “Teryn, I’ve told you-”
“But,” Teryn began, “you can come to the bachelorette party!”
Cleo frowned, “Teryn, not-”
“If you don’t at least come to the bachelorette party then I’m not going to speak to you ever again,” Teryn threatened.
Cleo frowned, feeling the pit of her stomach drop. “Teryn, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on at work and I’m not sure I should be out and about, okay? I think someone is looking for me.”
“You think that someone trying to hurt you is going to get past Mimi and Naberious?” Teryn said, cocking a hip, “not to mention,” she unfurled her red wings, “me?”
Cleo sighed, “these are dangerous guys, Teryn. They attacked my boss and me the other day. Then one of them left a note in his limo, for me!” she looked up to Teryn, “I’m scared.”
Teryn was about to say something but spotted something outside the window, “Hey, Pat. Your boss has red hair right?”
“Yeah, why?” Cleo said as she turned and her eyes went wide as she spotted Sorjoy walking towards the house. She ducked down under the window, out of sight. “What in Oblivion is my boss doing here?!”
“Looking for arm candy?” Teryn asked.
Cleo glared at her, “he is not that kind of rich bastard.”
Teryn grinned, “jealous?”
“Jealous?!” Cleo shouted, covering her mouth.
Teryn sank down with Cleo, “Pat, do you have the hots for your boss?”
Cleo narrowed her eyes, “No, I do not,” Cleo hissed.
“Then why are you so bent out of shape at the idea that he’s coming to Mimi for the big wedding tomorrow?” Teryn asked.
“Sorjoy’s not like that,” Cleo peeked up over the window sill and ducked back down upon seeing him at the door. “Oh, Guardian… what if he’s just found out where I live?!”
Teryn shrugged, “I could pull the whole ‘sexy chick, wrong house’ routine.”
Mimi soon passed the door, wearing a revealing black dress that shimmered as she walked. The dress was backless and strapless, hugging her bust tightly while revealing her expansive cleavage. Mimi wore expensive black heels with bright blue soles and a long obsidian cigarette holder in her hand. Her hair was clearly styled for a night on the town, her make-up smart to match.
Mimi stopped at the doorway, giving Cleo and Teryn a strange look, “what are you two doing?”
Teryn turned to Mimi, mock gasping, “there’s a ma~an!”
Mimi shook her head giving the pair a stern look, “both of you just sit down and shut up.”
Cleo frowned, “Mimi, that’s my boss!”
“I know,” Mimi rolled her eyes, her hand on the doorknob, “he has an appointment. By the way, I expect to see you both at the club later*,”* and she shut the door to their room firmly.
“An appointment?” Cleo asked softly.
Teryn smiled, “looks like you were wrong about him.”
Cleo slid to the floor, a defeated look on her face.
“That's jealousy! I can see it,” Teryn teased.
“I’m not jealous,” Cleo said, as she leaned against the wall, “just disappointed.”
Mimi opened the door, a wide smile on her face, “Mr. Sorjoy, welcome to my home.”
“Erik Sorjoy,” Sorjoy gave a polite bow, “a pleasure to meet you, Madam Mimi.”
“Oh, no, no, no,” Mimi shook her head, “just call me Mimi. Drop that ‘madam’ bullshit right now or you go home empty-handed.”
Sorjoy nodded, “my sincerest apologies. This isn’t normally something I find myself doing.”
“You’re new, fair enough,” Mimi said, “let’s get going then.”
Sorjoy stepped aside and allowed Mimi to walk towards his limousine, his eyes lingering on her hips as she passed him by. Naberious stood by the passenger door, holding the door open for the pair.
Naberious nodded, “Good Evening, Miss.”
“Good evening, sir,” Mimi smiled to Naberious as she climbed into the Limousine.
Sorjoy climbed in, motioning to the bar, “feel free to help yourself to anything.”
Mimi smiled, “thank you,” looked at the bar with little interest, “we have much to discuss, and that’s best done with a clear head,” she explained, pulling out a small tablet.
Sorjoy cleared his throat, “so, how does this work? You come with me to the event, or…?”
“Me?” Mimi chuckled, “oh, you are green. No, my dear boy, I’m the one who selects your match.”
“Sorry, I’ve never done this before,” Sorjoy defended.
Mimi grinned to Sorjoy, “Oh, I get that question all the time. I assure you.”
Sorjoy sighed, “I’m honestly not looking for more than a date for the evening.” Sorjoy furrowed his brow as he looked away from Mimi.
“Do you have a wife, Mr. Sorjoy?” Mimi asked politely.
“No,” Sorojy said, holding back his agitation at the question, “If I had a wife I wouldn’t need your services.”
Mimi laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Sorjoy asked, confused by her outburst.
“Oh, nothing just… the number of married men I have as clients probably outweighs the bachelors, is all,” Mimi smiled, “not married. That’s good. But you act as apprehensive as a married man.”
“I am interested in someone,” Sorjoy said, “but she’s out of my reach.”
Mimi smiled, “Well, that’s my specialty. Getting you exactly what you desire.”
“I feel rather cheap, purchasing company for the evening,” Sorjoy explained.
Mimi narrowed her eyes on Sorjoy, “Mr.Sorjoy, all of my girls do this job willingly, and we are professionals in every respect of the word. But not a damn one of us is ‘cheap’."
Sorjoy nodded, “my apologies. I suppose I should rephrase: it feels like I’m cheating. Using my money to buy someone’s affection.”
“Erik,” Mimi forced a smile, “if that’s not what money is for then I don’t know how else you’d spend it.”
Sorjoy nodded.
“Now, what qualities do you look for in a partner? Long term or short, doesn’t matter,” Mimi stated.
“I don’t want some vapid airhead,” Sorjoy began, “that’s the first disqualifier.”
“Let's stick with what you do want, yes?” Mimi probed.
“Someone who can keep up in conversation, who is beautiful and refined,” Sorjoy explained.
“Any hair, skin, feather, or eye color preferences?” Mimi asked.
“White…” Sorjoy mumbled, trailing off.
“Mr. Sorjoy?” Mimi asked, pretending not to hear Sorjoy.
“Light hair, bright eyes,” Sorjoy heaved a sigh, “stunningly beautiful would be a plus. No fake wing colors. She has elegance and poise, that’s the sort of woman I’m looking for,” Sorjoy explained.
Mimi gave a nod, “shame, a few months ago I’d have a different pick for you… but, I know exactly who you’re looking for.”
“Do you now?” Sorjoy said, facing Mimi.
“Oh yes,” Mimi said as the limousine came to a stop. “Let’s go so you can meet her.”
Naberious opened the door and Sorjoy saw himself outside of a club with a rather long line at the door.
Sorjoy walked out and looked at the long line of would-be club goers.
Mimi slipped out, getting a hand from Naberious. “Would you be a dear and walk me in, darling?” she said to Sorjoy.
Sorjoy gave a nod, taking her arm in his as they approached the bouncer.
Without asking for names, the bouncer let the pair in, the large dark-skinned man smiled to Mimi, “Miss Mimi.”
“Evening Troy,” Mimi smiled, “see you later, babe.”
There was some minor complaining from the line as Mimi escorted Sorjoy inside.
Sorjoy found himself surrounded by loud music and even louder lights.
Mimi pulled out her phone and texted something quickly, before placing it in her clutch.
“Come along,” Mimi shouted, pulling Sorjoy after her.
Soon the pair found themselves sitting in a much quieter room, the thunder of the bass outside muted heavily by the soundproofing inside.
Mimi led Sorjoy to a table, sitting him down and smiling to him, “comfortable?”
“No,” Sorjoy stated, “I’m extremely uncomfortable with this entire situation.”
Mimi smiled, “perfectly normal, darling."
Soon a woman with tan skin and light green eyes walked into the room. Her hair was a chestnut brown, her wings a slightly lighter tone, almost blond, comparatively.
Sorjoy’s expression changed as he saw the lovely woman.
She wore a sparkling silver dress that stopped at her midthigh and sky-high heels. Her make-up was immaculate and sparkled in the dark lights of the room.
“Obviously for the wedding, she’ll be dressed more appropriately,” Mimi pointed out, “But Mr. Sorjoy, meet Jasmin.”
Jasmin gave a slight nod, “Mr. Sorjoy.”
“It would be Erik, if we’re to be together tomorrow,” Sorjoy corrected.
“I was just being polite, sir,” Jasmin said sternly.
“Well, she’s no ditz, that’s good,” Sorjoy thought to himself.
“Jasmin here is the perfect woman for your evening, Mr. Sorjoy. She’s a well rounded young woman, perfectly capable of chatting up the other women of your social circles while keeping your image perfectly intact,” Mimi boasted.
“You do say ‘perfect’ a lot,” Sorjoy pointed out.
“Because I only deal in perfection, Mr. Sorjoy,” Mimi beamed.
Sorjoy gave a nod, “what’s your opinion on regulation of the Lumen’s core value?”
Jasmin smiled, “while I believed in the mineral standard many years ago, the current methodology of weighing the Lumen off of the GDP of the country is a much more effective and accurate measure of its value as effective currency.”
Sorjoy gave her a nod, “softball economics question but she’s versed enough to get herself through an evening.”
Mimi turned to Jasmin, “well, Jasmin, what do you think?”
Sorjoy lifted an eyebrow, “What does she think?”
Jasmin smiled, “I think we would have a lovely evening and whatever happens thereafter would be up to Mr. Sorjoy.”
“I’ll let you two get along for a few minutes,” Mimi grinned, “afterward, Mr. Sorjoy, you can see yourself out or spend more time with Jasmin, but I will warn, that does cost extra.”
Sorjoy moved over in his seat as Jasim sat down next to him while reaching into his jacket pocket and producing a black credit card, “Thank you, Miss Mimi.”
“Always happy to help,” Mimi took the card from Sorjoy and left the small VIP area. Her demeanor shifted quickly as she glanced at her watch, her face shifting to a sneer as she made her way through the club and towards the rear exit.
The beautifully elegant Angel walked to the back alleyway and lit up her cigarette in her obsidian cigarette holder, inhaling softly. She then flicked the cigarette twice and gave three taps on the wall.
Moving from the darkness was Jax, wearing a respirator designed to appear as a dog mask. “Was it you who sent the message?" Jax asked.
Mimi narrowed her eyes on Jax, “You shouldn’t be the one to whine about sending messages!” she hissed, storming up to Jax, narrowing her blazing green eyes on him, despite being a good deal smaller than him. “Do you have any idea how badly you fucked up?”
Jax glared back at her, his eyes visible behind the mask, “Hey, the girl is close to the CEO! I thought we could entice her to join us!”
“While I don’t think you’re completely off base,” Mimi chastised, “your little note tied Persphone to Cerberus! That, Jax, has fucked us up royally!”
“Well, you haven’t told me about the plan!” Jax defended, “I was just trying to help out!”
“Persephone makes the plans,” Mimi narrowed her green eyes on him, “not you! Now, thanks to you, Persephone has a lot more work to do!” Mimi shouted.
“I’m sorry, but if you clued me in-” Jax was cut off.
“That’s all you had to ask for, Jax! I’m not telling you to fuck-off, trust me,” Mimi took a drag of her cigarette, “but I am telling you: call Persphone before you do something and if you want more information,” the beautiful little angel poked Jax in his chest, “then ask Persphone for more information!” Mimi grinned, “Persphone is happy to give you what you need, darling.”
Jax narrowed his eyes, “what if I don’t like your plan, huh? What if I just want to take the whole Cerberus group and do my own thing? Wreck some shit up! Burn some buildings down? Huh?”
“So, you’re saying Cerberus would disobey Persphone?” Mimi challenged with an innocent-looking grin.
“Yeah, maybe we will,” Jaw puffed up his chest, looking down on Mimi, “what are you going to do about it? You’re 168 cm in 10cm heels!”
Mimi exhaled her cigarette smoke and smiled, “What would I do?” she snapped her fingers with her free hand.
Jax watched as a black figure landed next to Mimi from somewhere above them.
Naberious had landed, wearing his street clothing, a heavy coat, and a bright chrome respirator which was fashioned to look like a skull with large menacing teeth and horns.
“She,” Naberious rumbled, “wouldn’t do shit. But for me? I’d tear your arms off and beat you with them,” Naberious marched up to Jax, chest-bumping him and causing Jax to stagger back, “flyboy.”
Jax nearly fell over and yelped as he got his bearings, “F-fine! But keep me in the loop from now on!”
“The same to you,” Mimi smiled, “flyboy.”
Jax turned and left the alleyway quickly.
“Ey! Flyboy was my thing,” Naberious pointed out.
“Yes, well,” Mimi grinned, “I rather liked it.”
Naberious laughed and took to the air, while Mimi walked back into the club.
There at the bar, she spotted Cleo and Teryn. Teryn waved Mimi over, “Mimi! Pat and I are drinking! I bought so many shots!” she began to half dance over to Mimi, “Shots, shots, shots, shotty-shots!”
Cleo took a shot and grumbled a bit to herself, clearly disliking the loud music.
Mimi happily took a shot from Teryn and gulped it down, then sat next to Cleo.
“Everything okay?” Cleo asked.
“Perfectly fine love, nothing to worry your pretty little head about,” Mimi smiled.
Cleo heaved a sigh, “Did Sorjoy pick someone? He didn’t, right?”
Mimi grinned, “Jasmin.”
“Jasmin?!” Cleo huffed, “really?!”
Mimi grinned, “oh, you have a problem with that?”
“She’s all front! She just knows the answers to like, a couple of conversation starters and that’s it!” Cleo hissed.
“Oh, I know,” Mimi smiled, “if you had still been one of my girls, I’d have sent you in a heartbeat.”
Cleo blushed, “what?”
“I would have picked you, for Sorjoy,” Mimi said as another drink slid her way from Teryn.
Teryn soon slipped between the pair of Mimi and Cleo, “Okay, now fun time!”
Mimi smiled, “yes, you’ve got a big day tomorrow!”
“Wedding!” Teryn shouted, taking another shot and shouting enthusiastically.
Cleo frowned, but Mimi soon leaned over to her, whispering into her ear.
“This is Teryn’s bachelorette party, not your pity party. Pick yourself up, understand me?” Mimi hissed.
Cleo nodded and forced a smile, taking a shot.
“Oh!” Teryn grinned wide, “Selfie!!” and pulled Mimi and Cleo close to her, pulling out her phone and grinning wide, “Say ‘MATRIMONY!’”
Cleo and Mimi were taken off guard by the time Teryn had taken the photo.
As the night went on, Mimi’s words rang in Cleo’s head, even when they had gotten home, drunk and exhausted.
That’s when Cleo’s phone rang and she reached for it groggily. The time showed it was very late, close to 1:00 am. She looked at the name on the phone, confused as the phone showed it was ‘Sorjoy, Erik.’
Cleo picked up the phone, “Mr. Sorjoy?”
“Cleo,” Sorjoy said, pausing for a moment, “I have a wedding to go to tomorrow.”
“I’m aware, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo rubbed her temple, “it’s why your day is ending at 3 pm tomorrow instead of your usual 7 pm.”
“I want you to go with me,” Sorjoy said.
“Excuse-” Cleo said before Sorjoy cut her off.
Sorjoy spoke with authority, “as my date.”
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